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Yoga jolts health cover agents

22, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Previously we learnt of how to wink eyes while doing Yoga exercises.Now we have been told that Yoga postures have the power to ensure robust health at zero cost. The pledge is nice but it is certainly not fine for those insurance agents who are involved in the job of bringing every Tom, Dick and Harry into the health insurance cover. The fresh advantage of the indigenous workouts has an adverse effect on the agents’ living. From now on every individual will now think thrice to exercise Yoga for one’s better bodily health. Its repercussion on insurance agents is huge as they are directly hit by the recent supposition deep-rooted in the age-old Yoga.

Currently, there is Yoga and Yoga everywhere. Its significance is vital. Why do our farmers not engage into the poses and postures which Yoga imparts them in order to relieve their mental tension? Thus their suicide rate will surely go down and they will learn to lead a natural life. When there will be no tension of paying debts and carting the grains to the markets for sale, a new kind of development will be realised by those poor souls. Yoga has potential to offer free treatment to the ailing people.

As regards the health insurance reach to every nook and corner, the Yoga exercises are supposed to bring a check upon it.  This is so because the ancient form of physical workout is sufficient to provide a long life to its adherents. Then there appears no relative value of health insurance. The companies should devise ways and means to deal with new challenges afoot. When the agents will find no client for policies related to the health insurance they will be compellingly required to undertake the Yoga exercises. When the people will see this sight of the agents, they will refrain from coming under the purview of insurance schemes diligently prepared for medical expenses.