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Youth tries to capture a commode selfie, drops his smart phone into the toilet to suffer 40K loss

17, Mar 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: An attempt to impress Facebook friends went horribly wrong when a youth from Mumbai reportedly dropped his iPhone into the toilet while trying to capture a commode selfie and create a trend.

“Despo Kumar engaged in his hobby”

Despo Kumar, 21, is a final year engineering student and a big fan of selfies who claims he has taken over ten thousand selfies in less than 6 months. “For the record, I’ve taken selfies in front of a running train, in between a local street fight, while foot-boarding a bus, after being caught by traffic police etc.” said Despo as he boasted about his selfie taking abilities.

“In the olden days, one would take a newspaper inside the toilet for passing time. We’re now in a smart phone era where we end up spending more than the required time inside toilet, swiping left and right, up and down. I thought why not create a ‘commode selfie’ trend when I spend so much time inside toiled in spite of a satisfied bowel?”, exclaimed Despo as he continued to explain.

“Each time I retain a selfie, I delete around 10 of them as they aren’t fit to occupy memory. As I was about to create history in the rest room, I continued clicking around 50 pictures with the front camera and all of a sudden my iPhone slipped inside the commode. Instead of creating history, I achieved one of my dirtiest feats: Recovering the iPhone from commode in a dead state”, lamented Despo as his throat filled with grief and he talked no further.

As per our sources, the bereaved Despo purchased a China mobile from the market to compensate for his loss after receiving ex gratia amount of Rs. 3000 from his father.