Thursday, 21st November, 2019

TheUnrealTimes sells out to Faking News, sucks up to Ambani's larger game-plan

30, Nov 2016 By Bholu Gaain

After the shocking announcement of shutting down India’s favourite satire website ‘TheUnrealTimes’ by its editors, the holding company, iCube, has today announced selling out the entire division to Network 18 owned Faking News.

Sources say, the whole process has been a small part of the larger game-plan of Mukesh Ambani to control the ‘Establishment’. This ace business man owned RIL had earlier penetrated the main stream media by getting at helm of Network 18, thus tailoring the news to hide its involvement in biggest scams nation witnessed in past decade. But, time & again its vicious attempts were easily foiled by satire websites like Faking News and TheUnrealTimes. Soon realizing the danger, Network 18 acquired Faking News, forced exited its founder Rahul Roushan to turn the website only into a hollow entertainment website. But feeling only half successful the company has now zeroed down to TheUnrealTimes to hit the last nail in coffin & mute all witty yet true voices against itself.

When contacted, the all time employed journalist with URT Mark Zuckerpandian, says,”See, Ambani is too smart. Just like he is to become the sole voice of telecom in nation using Jio, he will also use all varieties of media to contain the thinking process of the masses, eventually the establishment.”

Meanwhile, sensing these developments involving Mukesh Ambani & Reliance, the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal who incidentally happens to be the largest news maker for the URT has ironically offered Karthik Laxman (Unreal Mama) the post of chief strategist underĀ  Bhagwat Man for upcoming Punjab elections.