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Amulet suits Salman as lucky charm

05, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: If the latest released film does not find its success at the box office, the actor or the actress certainly feel the brunt. The name and face of that actor or actress remain connected with the film. The impact can be different. Undeniably the criticism has to influence the performers in varying degrees. And possibly this is what appears in regard to Salman Khan when he has been spotted wearing a totally different kind of propitious charm.

The side effect of the flop film Tubelight was that the Bollywood hunk Salman Khan has taken recourse to the amulet and isolated from the lucky bracelet. He was supposed to be wearing the wristlet for the past about two decades. Why has he abandoned the bracelet with a loose knot is a strong mystery? His wrist is unfilled if we try to look at his picture in the media.

The film’s success can be a powerful appealing story that connects the film goers sufficiently. But there is no dearth of people who regard some special thing as a lucky charm. Some like to put on a golden chain, a necklace, a ring, a bracelet or a wristlet or anything of one’s choice. The actor’s wristlet might have been one vital thing in that way. That piece of luck was entrusted to him by his father Salim Khan as circulates in the reports.

Removal of the fortunate magnetism could be a matter of fans’ bewilderment but it has been supposed that the popular actor Salman Khan has initiated the tactic of adorning the good luck charm of the amulet in a bid to promote his upcoming film ‘Tiger Zinda Hai.’ This piece is clearly visible in the neck of the actor which fits well there. It is neither loose nor dangling like wristlet often found to be adjusted by the actor at the time of hosting the Big Boss television serial.