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Arnab Goswami snubs Amit Malviya, says only he has the authority to announce election dates before EC

04, Apr 2018 By sameer mahawar

The Special Magistrate in the Indian news media, His Highness Sri Sri Arnab Goswami has expressed his displeasure on the tweet made by BJP’s IT cell head Amit Malviya for announcing the Karnataka’s election dates before it was officially announced by the EC and even by himself.

Lord Arnab Goswami: Showing his anger
Lord Arnab Goswami: Showing his anger

Arnab, the lone warrior,who handles the three pillars of Indian democracy (fourth one being put to rest since the ruling party formed the government) and convicts or acquits the accused even faster than the fast track courts, said that no one till date has dared to exceed him in the terms of knowledge, logic and latest updates.

But this swift update by Amit Malviya has tarnished Arnab’s superboy image in this fast technology world. When Arnab rebuked Amit, the latter deleted his tweet as a mark of respect to him. It is reported that Amit is the first one from BJP to get a scolding from the master.

As per the sources, Arnab knows well before hand the results of the elections and has also personally invited the prospective CM for swearing-in ceremony in his studio. He is just waiting for the formal announcement from EC so that the institution doesn’t feel inferior about its position in the the election process.