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Artists, politicians pose as tough guy

05, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There is no end to the man’s unspeakable daring adventurous acts which are not only terrible but quite unpleasant from a certain angle. It is apparently more than the previous days’ miraculous circus feats where the trained animals are set in action. But the performances in the TV programme Fear Factor are certainly scaring the avid television viewers. Whatever was being shown on the programme was nothing ordinary. Performing with active insects and animals is in no way an easy, simple task. Mental alertness is leading various able-bodied partakers to finish the stunts under proficiently expert supervision.

If the much-viewed small screen idols are showing extraordinarily enough courage and spirited determination in concluding the spectacular acts, why should our famous political leaders lag behind in showing their strong man guise? A completely fresh trend is just surrounding the political horizons which give the politicians adequate chance to ably establish themselves as the strong man in unique ways. Sometimes they stand to show their perfect physical fitness as well as bodily strength in the public life and on another occasion they care for demonstrating their active energetic dynamism. It appears as if they are not only public representatives but phantoms as well.

Our able Prime Minister also acquires a broad chest in order to feel the common people’s agonies which he used to narrate on his special radio talk. Besides, the Russian President Valdimir Putin also cultivates a virile man-of-action image for himself. He was lately shown in a bare-chested pose. It shows the politicians’ affinity for the broad chests of a tough and strong guy. They are also supposed to be changing their usual image of scented personality. They tend to show off their muscular capacity encouraging them of even plucking the stars from up above the vast sky.