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BSY's throw brought smile

19, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

What Yeddyurappa finished was not done by Amit Shah. Nothing matters but the facts, said Black Edwards, American film-maker. The fact was that both the leading leaders, one party president and another CM candidate approached Lord Basveshwar’s to seek blessings in Bangalore. Both smiled and garlanded the decorated deity in their respective styles. The end result was something barbed leading them to presume strange experience.

On account of the deity’s height at a taller level, the BJP Chief Amit Shah mounted on the winch to place the wreath into the idol’s neck. But his direct throw was not proved effectual at the time. He threw very wreath from a certain distance but it did not fit exactly and fell down on the ground.

While on the other hand, BS Yeddyurappa’s fling remained accurate and well-timed. He was also present to garland the deity. They observed at garlanding of the idol but none appeared to have spoken any word.

The BJP chief would have disappointed but Yeddyurappa felt a whole stronger. His smile seemed to have indicated that feeling at the moment. It can’t be denied that the Congress and the BJP were frantically aiming at getting electoral triumph in the state. Both the parties were trying to gain victory in the assembly elections.

If that kind of success he secured was from the idol’s blessings, it became a matter of great satisfaction. The deity was worshipped by the Lingayat community. His smile seemed to have indicated that unique feeling at the moment. Who was proved luckier? Of course, it was BSY who got success in garlanding the idol after the blessings.It was also conceived as a good sign.

The politician must have been elated at the wonderful completion of wreathing the idol.Politicians do seek celestial blessings at the poll time.