Chaotic sensation cascaded

11, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Chaotic sensation cascaded through the passengers waiting for the Rewa-Anand Vihar Express on Mar 8 late night at Kanpur Central station. They were shocked to learn that the coach S-1 was not attached to the train. They were having their confirmed berths with the valid reserved ticket from Kanpur to Anand Vihar. When they learnt of the coach not there, all the tension fill on their respective faces. A kind of turmoil prevailed on the platform leaving railways officials to ponder over complicated condition.

The passengers were astounded as to be unaware of such position. They were familiar with the late arrival of the train, cancellation of the train, diversion of routes and so many other reasons. But an absence of the whole coach was entirely a different reality to them. They even kept on searching the coach following train’s arrival from one end to another. For a moment it was too much, their inflamed resentment burst out freely by this unpleasant state. They were shaken to the core, a riot of stir hurting them until accommodation other coaches were promised. It was just an introduction to the realness of the seismic blast symbolically.

Later, it was through the ticket travelling examiners the railways’ officials came to know of the coach exclusion owing to the development of some fault at the Rewa station, the train’s originating point. However, the guard could not inform the uneasy passengers about this point. It remained a bad night for the passengers expecting the comfortable journey to Delhi. The tickets were in their hands but they failed to find the particular coach. They had retained the reservation tickets but tension coiled them for railways’ lack of care. They were shifted to bogies where vacant seats were available. In such unexpected shifting their journey must not have been that much restful.