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Comedian's agony or hilarity!

06, Jun 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Comedian even searches comic content in own being. Agonizingly the famous stand-up comedian Bharti who surely adorns the status of modern-day Hardy in the world of laughter recently said in her interview of her mother’s desire who once thought of aborting her owing to some kind of financial situation. Nevertheless, she later decided against it. By revealing such secret she wanted to let her fans cry as they were used to laugh at her funny jokes.

If we take the situation differently, we could by all accounts say in a lighter vein that the size and weight she carries presently with her constitution might have possibly let her mother reject her baby for a split of the second. Her wider dimension likens her with the American comedian Hardy.

But how could she decide to detach her own baby of whatever size, colour or countenance? It would never be tolerable for an affectionate, caring mother to discard the newborn at any cost. And so she came into this world to laugh the mankind by her funny jokes. Now, her mother takes pride in her talent.

She admitted, “My mother wanted to abort me due to our financial condition, but she later decided. Today she is very proud of me.” It is a very cognisant or conscious effort and to select to stay, to fight, and love, no matter what happens, is love and only tender love. Her words remain compounded with hilarious contents. Is it not containing some kind of hilarity when she has made known to us of her mother’s ultimate vital choice?

It is impossible to go back once you come together with the one who is your mother. She is a manifestation of her mother and this reflection only reflects because of the whole connection. It is never void.