Eminent journalists request to impose ban on movie Neerja for showing terrorists in bad light

22, Feb 2016 By Pavan

New Delhi: Some of the intellectual and eminent journalists of the country have come out in protests against the latest Bollywood flick Neerja for showing terrorists in bad light.

Misguided youth expressing his freedom of expression by pointing a gun
Misguided youth expressing his freedom of expression by pointing a gun

Self-styled patriotic journalists are lining up near JNU campus where anti-nationalistic activities are being carried out requesting help from the students of the university to help them in achieving the ban on the movie.

It took Faking News couple of days to identify the leader of the protesting group of journalists as their respective channel TRPs were in the same boundary line. Finally, Faking News got in touch with one of the journalist Kavish Kumar and he said “Dekho bhai aaj kal ke Bollywood movies bahut beemar ho gayi hai. Ek zamana tha jab filmon mein dus bees dialogue hote the, do-teen item songs hoti thi, public paise udake ghar chale jaate the. Ab toh log reality ke naam pe bhatke huye yuvaon ko aatankvaadi ke roop mein dikhaya jaa rahe hai. Yeh Neerja film ne toh hadd kar diya, is par ban lagna chahiye, aisi bhayanak kisam ki filmein galat sandesh prasar karti hain”. When reporter asked if he had same thought when P.K was released, he said “Tum log jaat Dharm par Bollywood ko baatne ki koshish kar rahe ho”, and marched ahead to air black screen for prime time show.

In the meantime, some journalists started trending #IAmAntiNeerja hashtag on the social media to show their protest while others wrote lengthy blogs and open letters to number one critic (not KRK) Arvind Kejriwal to retract from the review given on the movie Neerja to which Kejriwal just coughed and blamed Modi for releasing such movie.

P.S: Article inspired from this tweet