Friday, 17th August, 2018

Encomiums for Shikhar's good geature

21, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

There is one cricket player by the name of Shikhar Dhawan who always brings out his team’s spirited side in the country’s cricket. But he missed his particular game in the first test match against South Africa in Cape Town in recent days. His double faults in the match caused his extreme exclusion from the playing XI in the second test match in Centurion.

However, the changes at the top order did little to alter India’s chance as Virat Kohli & Co had to lick the 135-run devastating defeat at the hands of Protease.

Dhawan’s friendly gesture towards the injured Pak all-rounder Shoaib Malik has earned him great compliments from the neighbouring country of Pakistan. The Pak cricketer being the husband of the Indian tennis player Sania Mirza got hit on his head’s back at a throw while running between the wickets during the fourth ODI against New Zealand at Hamilton on January 16.

Though he continued to bat, he showed signs of a delayed concussion. He did not leave fielding on the ground when the hosts were batting.

Showing the true gentlemanly manner he asked about the injured batsman’s well-being besides wishing him a speedy recovery. His post on Twitter was appreciated by the fans by being thankful for this special kind gesture. They even got to the length of terming it as a great sportsman spirit.

A large number of cricket lovers and fans from Pakistan, in particular, have come forward with praises upon him. Care for others is one of the most remarkable feelings on the living planet. We work so arduously to find it. As powerful as it is, the good gesture is always enough that is apparently from his tweet, ‘hope you are recovering well and will be fit soon to be back on the field! Take care.’