Wednesday, 8th April, 2020

Enjoy fight scene on the TV

24, Jul 2018 By shakeel ahmad

We used to observe fight scene on a boxing ring or movies but the venue seemed to have been shifted now. It was apparent from the recent days fight in a TV studio. It was a fight between man and woman. The first spell of the slap was delivered by a woman and afterwards, the volleys of slaps were started showering from an angry man. The fight scenes were easily available on the news channels.

The educated gentry wanted air-conditioned dust-free space for the fierce fight. The traditional clay courts for showing physical fitness were no longer wanted by the human beings. The exchange of slaps between two mature people was surely extremes of too much. The guests were shifting towards physical aggression. There is everything going on in the name of political discussion. Discussion amid pressure, intensity, adverse responding was culminating into slapping audacity. Arguments were attracting cuff took us towards a new direction. The educated people were entangling into not only a verbal fight but also physical spar. The clamour that grew over some particular issue during TV debates permitted the political motive. The participants exploded with the complete contradiction of the balancing conversation.

A confrontational situation permeated and there was slapping, crying and shouting. The hot arguments aggravated into rather nasty. The politicians remain seated on the chairs for spreading their party views in every possible way which in turn usually strokes more excited disagreement. Who was more responsible for the fight? One communist party leader even said that a Maulana had been made villain needlessly while the woman slapped him first. The politicians comprehend the purpose of such noise that usually fulfilled and gratified the objectives.

However, unlike every unacceptable tendency, it was least acceptable to the viewers. There was an awful, unpleasant situation which stoked up disdain.