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Expensive electricity for UP consumers

01, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Something that is expensive now is electricity. It is the magnitude of the UPSERC that it has come with some kind of magnanimous manner by increasing power tariffs up to 12%. Whether it is urban middle-class consumers or rural poor consumers, the hike is incredible and terrific. It is being said that this has been initiated merely to adjust the burden.

While the authorities concerned maintain it is the least load on the consumers, there was a straight suggestion for 20% increase in the electricity tariffs.

What was not genuinely expected by the common consumers did befall upon them suddenly. It can definitely be described as a bolt from the blue or in the words of one television news channel anchor as conditional slog over the promise of 24-hour electricity supply. The hike declaration has fallen into space with a great damaging shock.

The difference can be regulated on the line with the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission which has avoided the increase for the past several years. There could be various other ways to bring down the losses which the power companies were incurring for the past time. The common consumers appear an easy target and they are told to pay more than the previously paid bill.

The most efficient step could be a strike on the corruption prevailing in the department. This problem is not considered to be perfectly resolved. It might have been because of being a good source of the imperceptible income.

Even the contractual reader does not leave any chance of making extra benefit by his dexterous hands prior to issuance of the electricity bill slip. Along with this anomaly, there is need to collect the long-pending dues from the big defaulters.

But these have always been a big hurdle in the way of equalizing the widening losses for which the common consumers are made scapegoats.