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UP girls' grits gather glare

09, Jul 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Uttar Pradesh remained a focal centre of media attention owing to two different occasions. At both the places, the girls played the key role. One pair of sisters invoked the rain-god for the monsoon in Jhansi, while another duo swayed the listless district administrative authorities in Bhadohi.

If the two sisters in a village of Jhansi ploughed the dry barren field for the much-sought rainfall, another two sisters saddened with their father’s death in police lock-up forcibly raised their voice for justice in Bhadohi.

In Jhansi, two sisters were ploughing the desolate field with the sole purpose of soothing the unhappy rain-god. Their small village did not receive the essential requirement of the rainfall in the past about five years so they had taken the big task of the hard labour.

Adequate rainwater in the arid region was certainly required. “My sister and I have started ploughing the field so that we can appease the rain-god Indra for invoking the blessings upon us. It can also help us have a good harvest even,” said the elder sister with optimism. While in Bhadohi two sisters persuaded the administrative authorities for the justice against their father’s sudden death allegedly at the police station lately. The sisters started wailing and crying and not willing to wait for more time. They were in a deep shock.

They were not in any way accepting a lot of divergences but they visualised value in remaining true to themselves. Upon reflection, they realised they have lost their father who was the only earner for the poor family.

Their deeply complaining pale expressions whined their oral aggravations while stroking their chests. The district administration lastly came into action and treated their screams with more gravity. Their complaint was not neglected as the action against the police was taken.