Haryana Government to form Joint Investigation Team comprising of only Journalists to find Honeypreet

28, Sep 2017 By eelusiv

As the most perplexing mystery of the era is brewing, offcourse bigger Finding Nemo or Locating Dawood, finding Honeypreet Singh Insaan, Haryana government in an unexpected move has decided to form a JIT comprising only of TV media journalists to locate her. When asked about the decision , DGP of Haryana hailed it as a pragmatic move to save the police resources and sighted that anyways they are always ahead of us on Honeypreet. When we couldn’t figure out her whereabouts and trying to find her in India, most of the news channels had already sent their reporters to Nepal for the fact finding. They have interviewed more people than us for finding her and seem to have more reliable sources. This revolutionary move is poised to save the valuable police resources which have other problems to solve in ever unstable Haryana.

Some of the Headlines that are already being prepared for the Saga by the Channels

As the news broke out, the Hindi Media is very excited to take up the new task and ensured the public of providing the daily dose of entertainment about her over months. TV Channels have already dedicated 5 hours primetime slots to this Baba Honeypreet Saga and even infightings have started to get nominated to this elite team. But the news channel are not on the same page over the leadership and each channel is claiming to be the head of the team. When asked about the issue from CM Khattar ji, he told it can be decided on the basis of TRP (not realising that he is not solving but aggravating the problem), which has resulted in every news channel from Aaj Tak to Zee Tv to India Tv etc. claiming highest TRP according to various sources. Some Channels are asking that it should be decided on the basis of number of hours of shows run on their channels on Honeypreet and claiming that they are even not giving slots to  Modiji’s speech for the sake of covering this scandal.Some of the journalists of few channels are even missing on this quest. Few channels are trying to get things done even from their sources in the PMO.

Public is also looking ensured that this will result in an earlier arrest of Honeypreet than what police of Haryana could have done. They are also assured of their entertainment by News Channels for some time as bytes from a very prominent entertainer from Delhi has stopped coming in recent months. As always Faking News Reporters are going to be left out of this due to their focus on non important issues like Price rise and protests.