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Khilji Sultans grab attention via film row

20, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Khiljis grabbed our attention in the backdrop of the film. And one news channel even carried out a report on the almost extinct stone grave of Jalaluddin Khilji all along the river Ganga in Manikpur. The grey grave was lying enclosed with wild plants. A dilapidated mosque was also coming into our view on the television. It was also told that the Sultan’s last resting place was not under the care of the archaeological survey of India. Although several historical monuments were present yet there were fewer people who would have known of this grave on the banks of the sacred river.

Incidentally, one old traveller apprised of this grave. But he laid more emphasis upon the annual gathering collected during the Urs held at that location. He did mention of the Sultan’s grave but he indicated more of the hustle and bustle at one Saint’s tomb near the tomb. He maintained that such vividness was seldom seen on the older king’s grave. Scant part of the grave did not even bear any marker ascertaining the grave’s authenticity. Queer indeed that the Sultan’s nephew remained in the news since the Hindi film turned controversial while the uncle did not get so much exposure despite his dramatisation in the contentious flick. His role was ably performed by veteran actor Reza Murad as he pointed out in a debate.

Both the aged uncle and ambitious nephew could never have thought of their characters getting into argumentative talks after their respective deaths. They attained pleasant or unpleasant reputation during their respective reigns and also became hot topics through a Hindi film. However, the television report has made us believe the historical sites’ conservation could save the past otherwise the posterity may not be able to understand the history buried in the empty space.