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Liqour's influence wafted over woman

27, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Kissing can be a bribe. It is never thought so. But it can also be if the policemen light-heartedly said so. However, there appears less chance of keeping the smooch in the category of inducement. What is the legality behind it? Does our legal system bring kiss into the limits of the law? Although a woman driver was warned by the policemen for her kissing endeavour as the bribe yet it is a point under the lawful consideration. The legal minds would have been devoting their time and energy in sorting out this fresh intricate point. As the above 30-year-old woman was under the direct influence of coloured intoxicated water, she lost the control of her car and banged against a divider.

She was returning from a party around the midnight in an allegedly profoundly inebriated condition, as reports stated. The drunken state is certainly the dodgiest thing for an individual and one absolutely loses one’s sense in this uncomfortable position. Then the driving can never be a safe idea. The woman hugged, smooched and showered series of kisses on the policeman. The liquor’s rotund ghost hovered over the smoky sense. Indeed, the police constable was hardly prepared for what continued to follow one after another. The woman driver passed through lack of caution which she seemed to have taken up as a simple method for escaping from trouble. Her soul will never starve for such feat or thrill to get on the wrong way.

She might have considered of her safety in those numbers of the kiss but that kind of exciting activity proved pretty dear to her as she was booked for rash driving in an intoxicated condition. Was she wise enough to turn out to be a fool of herself and fell into the unwanted difficulty? Her effusive bliss was nothing but a nuisance to everybody.