Tuesday, 19th November, 2019

Mayawati's words annoy rivals

25, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

The Bahujan Samaj Party supremo felt the weight of Rajya Sabha defeat and made a more fierce statement by saying that the SP-BSP ties would remain intact. This has definitely disappointed the political parties which were considering of disunity among the BSP, the Samajwadi Party and the Congress Party.

Apparently, that is a remarkable point made by her at right point of time. It was too nice on her part to make clear about reality. After some minutes of the results, she got up in the course of her simple quietness and dropped the volley of words.

She said clearly, “The BJP might be thinking that Mayawati is hot-headed and will break the alliance, but at no cost will I let the BJP’s plan succeed.”

She has certainly one aim in view and that is facing the ruling BJP with consolidated force in the 2019 national elections. She is not deterred by the Rajya Sabha defeat which she knows how the BJP has emerged successful one particular seat from Uttar Pradesh.

Though the BJP has insisted upon transparency in the parliament’s Upper House elections, the Samajwadis were relating this victory to the money power. Emboldened with the win the BJP has been showing its nine more Rajya Sabha seats from Uttar Pradesh.

Of course, the general public does not participate in RS election. Several say it has become an election of convenience. The party manages to collect the required number of votes. One journalist Abhay Dubey said that once he found a candidate from UP went there by smoking Bidi and returned with puffing cigar. It was an instance of the seventies.

The SP’s Anurag Bhadauria said that the real test would come in Kairana poll due to be held soon. It will be here the BJP’s designs would be exposed.