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Media being accused for only showing SriDevi's demise by a man, who ended up being outraged by all media channel for the next two days

16, Mar 2018 By astha@20

Indore: Arjun Rathi, a software engineer did not know about the power of media before what happened with him. He visited his home-town Indore for Holi. He has no internet connection at his home and T.V. is the only way of his survival at his home. On opening the tv channel he heard about the death of Sri Devi and felt sad for the family.

After freshening up he again opened the TV and found the same show running on a news channel. He then switched to another news channel but found the same thing being telecasted over there. He was helpless, so he switched off the TV and tried to see other things around at his home, and found out they have 12 pair of slippers at home for only 2 people living in the house.

Later in night, he opened the TV again but found the same thing again. This whole incident lasted for 5 days, when he decided to take an action and tweeted a post on twitter accusing news channel for showing the same things for last 5 days.

But the life of Arjun turned upside down after that. All the news channel bashed him for such an insensitive tweet. They told him to realize how huge the loss is and it needs to be telecasted continuously. After that, Arjun found out a news channel conducting a debate on his topic and as soon as he could realize what is happening, he was all over the media. Next two days was Arjun that he could see all over the media.

He soon realized that after SriDevi’s funeral, media has nothing to show and he became an innocent target of this.