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Modi is anti Dalit: Punya Prasoon Vajpaaye

08, Aug 2018 By narendravivy-com

Our reporter, Narendra, got an opportunity to talk to Punya Prasoon Vaajpaaye who recently resigned from ABP news channel. Mr. PP told our reporter that he is being targetted by Modi because of his Dalit background.

Mr. PP told us the story of his struggle he had to go through to reach this success today. The story of how he used to stay till late night to interview villagers of India, twist what was said and then give the finishing touch to the story followed by finding anti Modi people to debate on prime time.mnxdeiiqzk-1533313937

How hard he had to work for Sonia Gandhies to approve his work. It took him 4 years of fear mongering among muslims about Modi to become a member of Lutyen gang. And now Mr. PM has destroyed all that.

Mr. PP says his struggle in journalism has taught him to be brave and he will continue to serve his country as Ghandy are the people who made India even more developed and richer than other countries which got freedom during same time. Countries like Singapore and South Korea are hardly bettern than a dustbin while India is shining. All this to the fake Gandhis.

Mr. PP told our reporter the lady who said good things about modi was paid money to do so and this is how her income got double in very short period of time.

He also told us that he is an unbiased journalist which is evident from his reports against Sonia gandhi. In fact, he was so against Sonia that she never gave him an interview. He only had to go to her house to collect the monthly cheque.

According to Punya prasoon country is moving towards becoming very intolerant. He is afraid if Hindu population increases beyond 50% of total population, then India will have a situation like Seria because of intolerant nature of Hindus which is evident from the past 1300 years of history of hindu mindset.

We hope that PM understand the pain of this Dalit journalist and stop harassing him. He is doing nothing bad, just earning good fortune for himself. Besides It has always been considered a good thing for one to stay loyal to his/her master.