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Naagin dance prevailed over Bhangra

21, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Win or defeat is part of the game but what became more popular during the Colombo Tournament was the Naagin dance which prevailed over Bhangra. Indian cricketers usually perform the Punjabi dance form in elation.

This particular form of dance attained sufficient clapping and jeering on the cricket ground. The cricket players from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka experienced a different flavour of that dance form.

Even if the Indian fans were aware of various varieties yet the cobra dance of Bangladesh brought more enjoyments to all of us.

First and foremost the B’deshi cricket players enjoyed the dance at their victory over Sri Lankans at Premadasa stadium in Colombo. Indian players usually perform Bhangra at the time of appreciation on the ground.

Nevertheless, this unique dance captured their attention completely and they did not restrict themselves from twisting their hands in that special style. Later, the Indians have luckily got the benefit of jigging the same peculiar dance by their victory on the final match of Nidahas Trophy.

What remained most interesting in this inclination was the inclusion of India’s seniors into this dance form in a fit of extreme delight?

Results changed around and the Indians started with Naagin Dance in euphoric mirth. Amid this joyful feeling, the veteran Sunil Gavaskar also could not control himself from that way of dancing.

He was seen taking a dig at the Bangladesh players from inside the commentary box. He decided to do something particularly wonderful. They did not seem to notice how he had made himself sure to handle the dance.

Some have definitely taken pleasure in cobra dance while others found him like a baboon trying to escape a zoo. It looked more assertive. One said how indecent you looked, Sir. Another stated why did he do our cobra dance?