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Online petition filed to nominate Sudhir Chaudhary for Pulitzer Prize

08, Mar 2019 By हराMe Reporter

Sudhir Chaudhary has been among the list of the top journalists and news anchors in India. As of now, he has over 7 million followers on Facebook. After his recent investigative journalism regarding the F-16 crash in Pakistan, which was apparently shot by an Indian IAF pilot, he is being hailed by even most of the Pakistani population, as he has connected F-16 with Naswar very well, in a manner that can leave anyone speechless.774616-sudhir-chaudhary

Now, an online petition has been filed on, by Pakistani-British based businessman and arms dealer to Hamza Bin Laden, Mr. Khan (His first name is unknown) where he has mentioned that Sudhir Chaudhary deserved a Pulitzer Prize long ago when he visited Pakistan to find out the connection between Jaish-E-Mohammed and Mohammad Irfan. However, after Mr. Chaudhary found out the nano GPS chip in Rs. 2000 note, it was almost confirmed that he would win the prize. Mr. Khan added, “I don’t know why Mr. Modi hates Pakistan so much that he conspired against Mr. Chaudhary in such a way that he may never be even nominated for the prestigious award.”

However, the petitioner and those who have signed the petition till now look quite confident, if we go by their comments. One such person, who vouches for Mr. Chaudhary talked to us over Skype and said, “After his report regarding demonetization, we were quite sure, but this time we are one hundred percent confident that Mr. Chadhary would win the Pulitzer Prize.” He further added, “The way Mr. Chaudhary adds nationalism, connects the dots everywhere, from Jail to Pakistan, Musharaf to Modi, JeM to cricket, it would be shameful if he is not considered”

It is speculated that such rise of popularity of Mr. Chaudhary is attributed to his most recent journalism goal, that he scored in the way Pakistan does, on TV channels- Manufacturing spicy news, out of everyday food, may it be tomatoes or tobacco. Our Faking News team tried to reach out to Mr. Chaudhary, via email and phone call, however, he denied to comment anything on this matter, saying that he’s is just doing his job and he expects nothing, apart from the truth, out of it.