Ordinary life eggs on Newton's law

29, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: If Agatha Christie had penned ‘An Ordinary Life’, it would be definitely a crime story of the actor’s life. If the Queen of Crime were writing a book on Nawazuddin Siddiqui, she would have presented him like Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot (Belgian detective) with accessible contents. However, nothing as such has happened for the actor’s simple biography was completed in far-off New York. He looks simple that is why his biography is available with a simple title. But it has all the more created extraordinary controversy, argument and tempest.

This is the simple quality of the marketing as several claimed. It is more or less inspired by Newton’s theory. The construction of the contents has simply drawn readers’ attention towards the freshly arrived biography. Ultimately, it could prove beneficial both for the biographer and the publisher as well under simple marketing strategy. The book, after all, becomes a product and the main focus remains on its quick sale. This is feasible simply through the controversy which the book presently appears to have gained during its initial promotion.

If every detail is simple in the biographical book, why are voices raised at the contentious lines? The love story is not true but the love angle is not incorrect. Even reactions and counter reactions have started pouring in to clear the cloud. But the simple point still entangles into the literal affirmation between the truth and farce. The embarrassing situations turn out the book’s core substance. Some of the readers visualise that the book on ordinary life gains credit by and by while the written words in the form of the stretched description abruptly will lose its shiny finish with the transient time. Real characters like Sunita, Suzanne and Niharika are everywhere imposing insightful influence on the thrilling tinsel town’s extraordinary life.