Wednesday, 1st April, 2020

Our politicians are always wise

22, Jun 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Putting Indians intellectually inferior must not even have been challenging and slow on the uptake for a famed person like Albert Einstein. He had been of the opinion that the Indians were rationally poorer.

This point was lately reported by India Today on the basis of the evidence of the journals containing the scientist’s views. Just the same observation was grasped when we read about our politicians who remained sometimes to be lesser qualified than the Chinese leaders who were plainly doctors and engineers.

Our politicians are usually not as much qualified but their minds run meticulously fast. They used to think ostensibly better than other countries’ political leaders.

It did not matter whether they possessed a degree of excellence or not for holding very important portfolios like the education or the HRD ministry.

What they more often perfectly enjoyed was their ability to completely grasp the public exact mood or temper. It is because of this very equability they succeed in motivating the common public to pander to the difficult posturing of Sheershasana, a form of Indian yoga.

Though this exercise is widely followed on one particular day, they were determined to make it a routine practice. When one comes into that specific posture, everything looks better, charming and brighter.

Upon settling on such pose, what is left to concentrate upon was securing a mantra for keeping ourselves comfortable for the rest of our lives. Besides, the urge to feel something relaxed after so many tensed feelings surmount us for a long duration.

\Following relaxation, the feeling of power and conquest become almost bearable. What one attains consequently was good and fresh thoughts which start emerging within the stress-free body. Everyone was ready to make the one-day memorable exercise a great event in one’s whole length of mundane life.