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Pronouncing uncomfortably

19, Aug 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Why do we falter in pronouncing correctly over and over again? We embarrass others when the wrong tone of voice sprouts from our oral cavity. Even the Americans were not wholly perfect in this field of study. Pronouncing Nepal as ‘nipple’ and Burma as ‘button’, once Donald Trump, the American president, has changed originality in the name.

Though his aides corrected him, it was in a very firm strength of mind he would have made such mispronunciations. The name of Burma has changed into Myanmar; he picked both the names up in turn ineptly. It was grateful that he did not express each one’s quality.

If it was a mispronunciation on his part, he need not be too snobbish about it. However, his aides accepted that the mistake was the result of mispronunciations. Although the English Bard, William Shakespeare writes: What is in a name? Yet badly pronounced words were still derided.

Neither the Englishmen nor the Americans can escape from the use of distorted names for the South Asians. We typically find how the British changed the very originality of names in India. Examples abound in this regard.

Certain city names like Dacca, Bombay, Bangalore, Madras, Calcutta, and Pondicherry were different from its original accent. They pronounced it differently so spelt it in their own capable way. It someway created confusion and showed mockery.

What was wrongly perfect for them appeared odd in the indigenous tongue. Those entire names have now been changed into its original accent. If we see names like Lucknow, Cawnpore, and Varanasi, we shall quickly find the bare differentiation.

Correct cadence stood altered by the wrong pronunciation. They could feel the weight of incorrect words and could tell that it was even more unlikeable. However, there was a silver lining too when we happen to spot on some names as Allahabad in right pronunciation.