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Republic Tv reporter asks questions from calculus , claims it as tough questions and hard hitting journalism

06, Jan 2018 By Nadeem Ahmed Moonakal

Republic Tv reporter while interviewing student leaders and office bearers of Delhi University on the issue of freedom of expression asked to solve the anti-derivative of sec^2(2x) claiming it as a tough question.

The discourse on constitutional rights with special reference to Article 19 of the Indian constitution took a turn when one of the reporters from Republic Tv aggressively pointed the mike to a student leader and asked him the anti-derivative of sec^2(2x).The student leader remained clueless and then tried to dodge the question, however, the reporter continuously asked the same question, each time louder. When the leaders protested against this behavior of the reporter, the reporter started to howl and call for help from physical manhandling. “We are the number one news channel in the world. Asking difficult question is the crux of our Journalism and we will remain to do it. We will expose everyone by asking such tough questions”, said the reporter.

Arnab testing calculus power of his employees
Arnab testing calculus power of his employees

Arnab Goswami, Managing Director of Republic Tv said, “The pseudo-intellects are afraid of our Journalists when they ask tough questions. We are sick of this appeasement politics.”

The issue took another dramatic turn when the lawyer of renowned academic R.D Sharma alleged that the question was copied from his book for grade 10 students. He said, “I am sure these reporters have stolen questions from RD Sharma’s guide and reference book for grade 10. They have done it without consulting the publication and on behalf of the publishing firm we have decided to take the issue to the court”. Another academic R.S Aggarwal claimed the question to be very easy and vented out his frustrations against the reporter. He said,” The question the journalist asked was very easy. Calling it a tough question is inappropriate.” “In fact, the question was not even a 5-mark question”, he added.

Prakash Narayan, an office-bearer of DUSU and a representative of SFI said, ” The reporter asked a very tough question and as our leader had skipped that particular portion assuming it as not important when he was in grade 12 for his board exam found it hard to recollect.There is nothing wrong in it.” Secretary of ABVP, Patinder Tripathi, while addressing a gathering at Ramleela Maiden talked about the contribution made by the ABVP in promoting nationalism and commented on the issue that caused a havoc within the university. He said,  ” A person who can’t recollect the anti-derivative of sec^2(2x) is definitely an anti-national and he should go to Pakistan. We have no place for such people in this country”.