Thursday, 17th January, 2019

Sanyasi needs no title

29, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Our country is also known for its reverential spiritual leaders unlike those present-day shady and dishonest Babas who acquire name and fame just for their insolent characters and impertinent impositions. In that sacred succession, we find the name of a spiritual leader from Vijaypur in Karnataka state. “I do not need titles, I am a Sanyasi,” uttered Siddheshwar Swami. He declined to accept the civilian honour of Padma Shri conferred upon him by the government of India this year.

His very denunciation looks a lot like the disapproval to the worldly reward. He definitely does not require materialistic recognition as he was thinking of something higher. His goal is spirituality. He knows if he ultimately agrees to adorn himself with the label of Padma Shri, it is not an approval of his worship for the long-lasting aspect of spirituality.

It is about finding the honourable place where the connection with the super being is added by solemnity. He seeks a place from within the soul that is realised not seen.

Not surrendering before any civilian award he takes a final decision on a big refusal for the government’s valued Padma Shri title. He is deep in spirituality only.

He takes all of the honour in feeling open to nature’s elements and adorned with religious values. He neither heaves a sigh nor begins to shiver after his absolute decision.

The saintly individual drenched in the charm of spirituality expresses his unwillingness to accept the award through a letter to the Prime Minister. With the sparkling countenance, he speaks a few softly spoken words. He is a sanyasi in a true sense. It is certainly not a random outburst of thought. But it reflects an identity of real asceticism. An individual who discards worldly life finds no solace in honour, admiration and nobility.