Tuesday, 26th March, 2019

Shami not an exceptional spouse

15, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

What Mohammad Shami has lost is known to him. He is a brilliant hard-working cricketer but unfortunately not an exceptional husband. He has not raised the appeal of ‘over’ though he is quite familiar with the cry ‘out’ on the cricket ground. He took note of the wife’s serious allegations but did not consult the third umpire for an accurate conclusion. Their row no longer wants more attention as it has by now reached a crescendo.

Every cricket fan is now conscious of matters developing day in and day out. There is a guessing game going on what kind of fight continues between Shami and his wife. He appeared almost on shedding tears while his wife Hasin Jehan was constantly censuring him. He must have realised that the arguments with wife never bring any kind of benefit. It is ruinous evidently from the cycle of revelations coming one after another. The reports emanating from the one source are becoming headlines of media but doing no good to either of them.

Although his well-wishers were still taking balancing views yet the allegations were malicious. Customarily, women do not stop thinking about husband’s bad things at the time of bickering. They start blaming their husbands on every side. If a bowler is facing every manner of utterance, it is his style learnt from the bowling over. The bowler throws the ball and waits for the victim. In his personal case, the ball is being thrown at him directly. As his wife laid the blame on Shami by saying he was threatening him.

Her words, “He is threatening me over the phone. He called me from a different mobile number and told me that his career is being hampered because of me. He told me to settle things amicably with him otherwise I will be in trouble.”