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Shed stark stance on street subject

07, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Roads are roads. What does it matter if it is not bumpy, bouncy or uneven? We need to discard slave mindset in praising roads’ conditions. Whatever the road condition persists is acceptable to us as we have to reach our destination at last. If our roads are far better than those in America or Britain, it is a matter of great satisfaction for us. The roads should be better, even and clean. We definitely have roads which boast of bearing the massive load of landing the fighter planes upon its smoother surface. We have finer roads which amplify speed within a jiffy. If the largest state like Madhya Pradesh claims of better roads, why does the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh lag behind in such qualitative distinction?

We do not compare the roads of both the neighbouring states. However, the message has been sent. It is up to the people’s capability as to how do they take it up? The road is a subject so why should we consider it as an object? The beauty of the road lies in its various symptoms of no potholes, no cave-in, no dug-up, no broken or cracked sides, and with no bumpy signs. The numberless road users are sordidly unhappy over the poor make-up expenses on the roads in different directions. Being the lifeline of transportation the roads should not present a poor look at every cost.

It is indeed good to know of our roads surpassing over the roads in the foreign lands. We have constructed several roads for linking the country with all corners. Highways have altered its look in many ways. As a result, the movement has rapidly increased beyond our expectations. But the roads within the cities have not achieved that position despite several initiatives. The roads still require utmost attention.