Thursday, 17th January, 2019

Sunny saves crops from spirits

15, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Running on the track the train was passing through a field which got a bamboo stick covered with some figure of an evil spirit. The children looking at the fleeting unique sight asked the elders sitting on the front seat of the bogey, “What is it?” It was a traditional way to ward off the evil eyes. It is done by the farmers to protect their crops from unnecessary damage. Even the animals and avian fear to ruin the standing harvest in the small or big-sized field. The convent school going children are finding this strangeness worth questioning.

Some farmers stand an effigy of a human body in such a way that it looks like a devil and that’s why the chances of crop damage develop into a negligent level. There are worried farmers who guard their fields on their own but harsh weather sometimes checks them to break the practice. A 45-yr-old cultivator from a village in Andhra Pradesh smugly displayed a big flax poster of skimpy bikini-clad actress Sunny Leonne with the message, “Hey, do not feel cry or jealous of me” (Orey nannu chusi edavakaura). The farmer considered that particular idea in order to protect his cabbage and cauliflower spread over ten acres of land.

So far the advertisers were using actors’ faces for selling the products and turning out brand ambassadors for companies’ products. However, an entirely fresh idea has been experiencing in the South. Commonly, the spectators take pleasure in looking at the silky figure of Baby Doll but a novel experiment by a rural mind has been doing a different purpose. Her silky-smooth shape was purposefully keeping the evil spirits at bay. How do the urban and the rural people differentiate with a woman’s body? The villager’s scheme is serving his aim with ease.