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The Arnab-Modi interview inspires Pak

09, May 2014 By @aceankit

“The Arnab-Modi interview last night has brought about a revolution in the way TV interviews are conducted,” claimed TimesNow in its new promo, further stating that “this interview not only grabbed more eyeballs than any other interview on any channel ever (including Bhai’s interview on Koffee with Karan), but it also went on to grab eardrums miles away in Pakistan.”

arnab goswami
“I am the king”

While Bhai’s fan are already up in arms and have bombarded the TimesNow website with “Bhai Rockzz, You Sockss TymsKnow” comments causing the TimesNow server to crash due to overload, back in the real world there have been historical developments after the interview. BJP is already attributing these developments to Modi’s leadership qualities and the Gujarat Development Model.

In an extraordinary turn of events and change of hearts after the interview, Pakistan has issued a statement claiming that “the Pakistan Army will be using guns with silencer so that Modi is able to hear Pakistan’s side during the peace talks, even while their guns continue to talk.” Meanwhile, America has lauded Pakistan for its multitasking, and as an appreciation of token offered to set up more US Military camps in Pakistan to control the terrorists outfits.

“Oh BC!” said the Pakistani PM in his last tweet ; “This shows our dedication to ensuring peace in the region,” said the Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali in an interview.

When asked about these developments, Modi said he has already written a letter to the EC seeking permission to respond to such queries. “WTF!” said the last tweet from@EC.