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Traffic cop query amazed lady driver

28, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Mechanical faults often hamper the vehicles waiting at the busy road crossings to proceed onwards after the traffic green light. When the motors fail to start at the crowded crossings, the drivers find themselves in a tight corner. Their irritation and instant trouble even invite others’ indictments as they do not get enough space to advance. But the worried drivers remain helpless owing to defects in the ignition of the motor’s engine.

A lady car owner got entangled into the traffic signal due to some kind of imperfection developed in her brand new vehicle. She was trying to start the four-wheeler but in vain. She did not instantly perceive the exact cause of the sudden fault. She continued to ignite her one-month old latest model car and even others lent their possible support to her. At last, she got a phone number of a mobile car repairing centre.

As her car remained motionless on the packed road, there was continuous horn sounds behind her vehicle. How could she move on at the flawed condition of the car? The traffic kept on changing from red to yellow to green but the rear side motorists made their vehicles’ horns sounding in anger. Although they knew it very well yet they appeared a complete slave of their years’ old habits. It was certainly their compulsion to make horns.

In the midst of the crowded road, the traffic police run the vision as far as he could possibly do. He knows how to manage the traffic and help the drivers in a particular way. Looking at the woman driver the traffic policeman approached her with all the authority. The man-in-uniform asked meekly: “Madam, what was the matter? You seemed to be not selecting any colour. As many as three different hues were constantly flashing before you but you were not able to finalise.”