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Is Varun adhering to Salman's acting?

13, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The ardent fans of popular film hero Salman Khan must be feeling odd at the very thought of Varun Dhawan toeing the line of that actor. They also visualized if their hero were married, his direct successor could have been by far stepped into the filmdom. In absence of such thing, different claims are being circulated at this point of time, they too upheld. This conversation has come about after looking at both the actors’ onscreen chemistry in a certain Bollywood film. Even emerging actor like Varun has spoken of him drawing intense inspiration from Salman’s finer acting on several key occasions.

That particular indication could be the work of a particularly bright brain but it could not be construed as a pure guess or hypothesis. The big actor’s fans could wonder sometimes by learning of the established actor’s traits in Badrinath Ki Dulhania famed Varun. There is a wide range of people conforming to Varun’s acting skills more akin to Salman Khan. They are pointing to the acting qualities of Varun Dhawan similar to that of the established actor in the Bollywood. This has not been regarded as attention stunt. They knew how much significant it was for taking forward the senior actor’s traditions in the film world.

However, there is no imprecision in asserting someone’s acting skills similar to that of Salman Khan.   Undoubtedly the fans have raised a very pressing point. It is not simply just a mental exercise. The ardent fans are thinking anything sufficiently plausible and they should surely sweep on with this interesting discussion. There was nothing wrong about this timely consideration. Their way of expressing such idea does not even clash with various nebulous and unformulated reservations. Their fervour for direct successor comes in the aftermath of the story propped up over Varun Dhawan.