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Villagers throw themselves at road build

15, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When did this begin, all these men were throwing themselves at the endeavour to construct one kilometre long stretch of the link road connecting it with the nearest town road head? Such instance had also been attempted by a man in his sixties months ago. With an upright estimation that the rural men singularly would like to build one km long road, while the politicians build a self-fulfilling prediction. Why it is so that people’s requirements are believed to be so tough in the first place in order to make that idea pretty unnecessary.

What was earlier experienced in Kalwan village existing just 45 kms far from Dehradun brought no touching effect on the initiative or proposal of building another same length road in Pende village, seven kilometres from Bhimtal. These reports provide a clear picture of people’s pain in the state of Uttarakhand. There was taken no action for constructing the link roads in that hilly region despite the fact that a farmer in his sixties had built a km-long road in Kalwan village following his wife’s death in the paucity of a proper navigable road. That man lost his wife while navigating a treacherous footpath in the way.

The villagers build a road in Uttarakhand village was a recent terrifying but exciting news for all of us. Where does stand the development theory that has not been successful in reaching to the rural areas even after sovereign seventy-year-old independence? We are fighting over those topics which are fruitful for political reasons. We are not thinking of basic amenities to the common people. However, the election time becomes ripe for tall promises, big assurances and high aspirations. According to the news reports, as many as 150 residents—men, women and even children were working on a kilometre-long stretch of the link road to the nearest road head.