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Women's representation in judiciary

09, May 2018 By shakeel ahmad

India stands far behind to Canada, Norway & Germany in women’s representation in the judiciary. It cannot be overlooked. It is even comparable with the statistics. It is really rare for two women to be SC judges presently.

When will India stand with countries like Norway and Germany in terms of the women judges’ representation at the topmost Court? According to a statistics, only seven women judges have reached the Supreme Court of India in 70 years of independent India.

In both the European countries, we find the number much higher than the Indian place. As many as seven judges were holding the top constitutional courts in Norway and Germany respectively. Canada is a country where 4 lady judges were rendering their services.

Quite the opposite, only two lady judges were sitting in the Supreme Court of India. This shows their number quite low with 8 percent. Norway holds 35 percent and Germany holds 43.8 percent representation in the top judiciary.

The judges’ numeral in the Supreme Court has risen to twenty-five following the inclusion of Justice Indu Malhotra. With her final addition in the list of the apex court judges, she directly becomes the second serving female judge of the country’s topmost Court of Justice. Thus, she and Justice R Banumathi are the two women judges currently.

Born in Bangalore in the year of 1956, the 62-year-old Justice Indu Malhotra is now the seventh woman judge of the Supreme Court after Justice Fatima Bibi, Justice Sujata V Manohar, Justice Ruma Pal, Justice Gyan Sudha Misra, Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai and Justice R Banumathi respectively.

The Supreme Court has plainly sanctioned post of thirty-one judges. Approved strength is still short of as many as six judges. It can be the subject of reasonable discussion. “Law is like a jealous mistress,” said an advocate who is elevated as a judge.