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4 steps to know that you are under fire

08, Mar 2019 By akumar

You are under fire, you brain should burn, you shall be tied to a missile. The new term of ” being a Deshdrohi” is “Pakistani stooge”. This is a syndrome found mostly on media especially social media. One should be very careful into not falling in the syndrome. This syndrome is more dangerous than disease. The disease is rare but syndrome is shown by many as media would like us to believe. It is noteworthy that the syndrome is thrust upon many.

There are 4  golden rules to know that you will be diagnosed of having the syndrome if you are having any of the below.

  1. You do not watch channels which give “Traitor, Tukde-Tukde Gang” certificate. More so if you watch some designated channels. The Nation will want you to know that you are a blot on being Indian.
  2. You have in any way questioned the holistic figure. This number is as true as our Myths. It is a number that is not official but made to sound so. After all 251, 401, 501 are all Shagun numbers.
  3. If you know that the Man on street hitting the last is proclaimed victor. This syndrome will be ignored in all probability as this battle is not the battle of street. In this battle the one beaten is crying Trees and the one who has beaten is thumping chest. One has every chance of being questioned his prudence. The person suffering from this symptom mat even be called a War-Monger, a rustic urchin.
  4. If you are any way prone to thought of use of any Wing Commander’s photo for political or commercial gains. Pakis are using Wing Commander’s videos to sell tea. Of course they will use to it justify their Nobel- Peace Prize bid too. So, why can’t we? This will be the obvious answer.  One needs a political will to implement how to shoot a f- 16. Remember it is the most dangerous symptom. Please be prepared to see moustache of a special color in posters. If you don’t have an eye for these, You “Desh….. Go to ….”

These 4 symptoms are enough for one to be diagnosed with this illness without actually having it . Though the remedies are cheap and easily available in market