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Aadhar card made mandatory for availing services at Sulabh Shochalaya

22, Jun 2017 By wittaminC

In another masterstroke played by the government, people will now need to present their Aadhar card every time they pay a visit to Sulabha Shochalaya. This move has been brought in association with Swacch Bharat campaign. A new slogan : ‘No Dhaar without Aadhar‘ has also been drafted for the same

The decision of the government has received mix response among various sections of society. While some people are extremely happy about this move. One of the ardent supporters of the government claimed that this move will bring back all the black money. When asked, “How?”, he said that the soldiers are standing at the border.

However, there is a segment of people who has criticised it. “This is a very stupid decision. Now, I will have to revert to using the railway tracks and public walls”, said a person who doesn’t own any Aadhar card. The opposition leader has called an All India gathering at Mughalsarai railway track as a symbol of protest against the decision.

It is also to be noted that inline with Digital India campaign, Aadhar Cards are already linked to Paytm wallets so the charges for availing the facilities at Sulabh will automatically get deducted.

“This is a great move. Earlier I needed to visit Sulabh physically. But now, with everything going digital, I would do it through e-commerce”, said the CEO/CTO/CFO/CMO of a Bangalore based start up. “They must also consider launching an App for Sulabh”, he added

It is well known that Aadhar has already been linked to the bank accounts, Ration card account and Facebook account. So an FB status update will automatically get posted on the timeline every time one uses Sulabh . However, talks are being made with Zuckerberg for not throwing back these posts as the part of the ‘memory list’