Tuesday, 19th November, 2019

AAP facing worse days

22, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

With the President’s approval of the Election Commission’s recommendation to disqualify 20 MLAs of Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party for holding offices of profit the difficulties for Kejriwal’s government are sure to increase. Now, these legislatures stand disqualified. Will the AAP be fully within its rights to move within the Supreme Court challenging the EC’s order?

What Indira Gandhi erred was followed by Rajiv Gandhi and later pursued by Sonia Gandhi. The latest victim is now the Aam Aadmi Party which got entangled in the technicalities. Its gravest mistake was surpassing the precincts of the defined law.

The mini-election in Delhi cannot be averted.The parliamentary secretaries’ post flouts rules.

The election will definitely be a test of what Delhiites now think about the performance of AAP government since February 2015.

Neither the BJP nor the Congress comes clean as they are evading every query. They have only one demand that the AAP govt should resign from Delhi government. Is AAP going to lose its government in Delhi?

The AAP leader Sanjay Singh regards the party will face difficulties if it involves itself in public welfare works. A party born out of Anna Andolan has not detached from its original goal.

The legal experts accept that the disqualification would take a long issue to complete. The Delhi government would not lose its majority in the Assembly with its more than 36 legislators.

If the party’s popularity is intact as AAP leaders maintain, then what is the problem in going to the election mode? As for now, the AAP looks hesitant for the electoral fight. Undoubtedly,  the Congress and the BJP are eyeing at the elections. Both these parties are slapping AAP on the front, conveniently glossing over the fact of Arvind Kejriwal’s nemesis. Along with AAP’s expelled leaders. they continue to celebrate surprising opportunity coming to them.