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AAP government to live stream all its official meetings, invites bids from TV channels for broadcasting rights

18, Mar 2018 By gabehcuod

Delhi: In a yet another unprecedented move, Delhi’s incumbent government has announced that it is to live-stream all its official meetings to common public. In order to facilitate the streaming, it has invited bids from TV Channels all across the country. Following the announcement, top distribution networks have submitted their bids for acquiring the exclusive streaming rights.

As it is the early stages of the process, the identity of the bidders is kept confidential. Nevertheless, sources close to the government have revealed a few names- WWE India Live, ESPN Sports, Ten Sports, and Comedy Central India.

Faking News reached the office of these distribution networks for comments. “It’s not official. Do not print this in your column as an official comment! But we would really love to stream the Government official meetings since our magnum opus shows like WWE Raw, Smackdown, Tough Enough has few takers inside India.’’ said a top officer of the Ten Sports Network in an official comment. Comedy Central India had their own reasons. “A survey conducted revealed that our viewers are not keen on watching the 19th rerun of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Apart from comedy shows, Indian Politics is the primary source of humor and entertainment for them. Ergo, we had to submit our application.’’ disclosed a spokesperson from CCI.

Regardless of the reasons for participation, almost all of the bids were the contingent on inclusion of AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan in the meetings.

The common public equally welcomed this decision. Teens who previously relied on Torrents for their source of TV Shows were seen arguing with their mothers for the TV Remote. “I am glad. Finally, something worth watchable on TV. It is a formidable move by the government to look after the entertainment needs of the Delhities. Could you sla— pinch me so that I know I’m not in a dream?’’ said an ecstatic 19 year old Bhola. After being corrected by the Faking News Team that this decision is taken to ensure transparency in government meetings, Bhola had a hearty laugh.

However, the bureaucrat community did not share in the celebrations. Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash condemned this decision, calling it a slap on the face of democracy.