AAP to contest with multiple election symbols

28, Apr 2014 By koula

AAP has decided to contest the upcoming general elections with multiple election symbols. The party has written to election commission regarding the same.

“This will help us represent diversity of the aam aadmi. Why should a man in Mumbai vote for a lotus when there are no lotus ponds in Mumbai,” said a coughing Arvind Kejriwal.

The party has decided to use “VADA PAV” as election symbol in Maharashtra and “BEEDI” in Bihar.

The party was all set to announce “GLASS OF LASSI” as election symbol for Punjab but a section of party members insisted on  “PEG OF 60 ML neat” to be used. This has the party members divided. Arvind Kejriwal has asked both the groups to consume their preferred symbol and then sit on a dharna in front of election commission in Delhi. Last group sitting will win.

Congress and BJP have been caught unaware of this latest development.

Digvijay Singh and Manish Tiwari were immediately dispatched to Mumbai and were seen munching JUMBO VADA PAAVs near Bhendi bajaar.

“Rahul Jee is so fond of jumbo vada pavs that he has come up with a new recipe for it. He will empower  women with this new recipe,” a beaming Digvijay singh told Faking News.

“JUMBO VADA PAAV” is the most secular food and represents congmess congress” added Mr. Tiwari.

BJP isnt too far behind. Having earlier successfully applied for a patent for Mr. Modi’s 56 inch chest , they have gone ahead an will use it now as an election symbol.