AAP volunteers to parade on Yamuna Expressway after Arvind Kejriwal was not invited for Republic Day celebrations

24, Jan 2015 By Pavan

New Delhi: Following the heartbreak for not getting invited to the republic day parade by the Government even after expressing his desire to attend the star studded function, Aam Aadmi Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal has decide to parade along the Yamuna Expressway with his party volunteers surprisingly on 27th January.

This move has sent shock-waves across the country and has been gaining more popularity than the intended Republic Day parade where Barack Obama will be the guest of honour.

Arvind Kejriwal leading volunteers for mock practice of Parade

When Faking News got in touch with the man of the moment Arvind Kejriwal he rather seemed furious and responded to the reporter in a rather harsh tone “ This is anarchy ji, last year I was on 3 day long protest against the police and was even ready to disrupt republic day, yet I was invited to the function because our ally Congress was at the centre and they never objected my presence. But, look at this time, even though I have behaved myself by not doing any dharna, this BJP government is torturing aam aadmi by not inviting to watch the parade live. Government can spend money to invite Barack Obama to attend the function who will come in Air Force One, but they cannot invite an aam aadmi like me who will come by Delhi Metro. This clearly shows that they only work the rich and never care about aam aadmi”.

When reporter asked why they have chosen Yamuna expressway as their parade location and 27th January as parading date, Mr. Kejriwal responded “ Army will display their might in front of Obama on Rajpath on the 26th January and we will show our might in front of Obama who will be travelling to Agra on 27th via Yamuna expressway to view Taj Mahal. We will show the power of Aam Aadmi in front of him. Obama has to view my our power and beauty before viewing the beauty of Taj Mahal”

In a recent development sources close to Faking News have informed that Barack Obama has cancelled his visit to Taj Mahal after he heard Ashutosh comparing Arvind Kejriwal to the beauty of Taj Mahal.