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After Gurugram, Arvind Kejriwal to rename Delhi as Afzal Guru Gram

14, Apr 2016 By Ajoy Kumar Singha

Students of the city Afzal Guru Gram paying homage to its founder
Students of the city Afzal Guru Gram paying homage to its founder

New Delhi. After Haryana government’s decision to saffronize the name of Gurgaon and renaming it to Gurugram, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal criticized the BJP government’s action. He blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for orchestrating the saffronization of the name and forcing secular people of Gurgaon to use “Gurugram” a name associated with Hindu mythology. “Modi ji hum darne wale nahi hain, janta iska jawab degi”, he said in the packed press conference.

He also announced Aam Aadmi Party government will rename Delhi as “Afzal Guru Gram” to maintain the secular fabric of the NCR area. He said by naming Delhi as Afzal Guru Gram, the balance would be maintained between secular and Hindu population in the region. After the announcement, many family centric secular political parties and renowned media personalities have welcomed the decision.

It is learnt that the students of JNU celebrated the news of new name for Delhi. JNUSU leader Kaliya Kumar organized a procession in the campus and shouted slogan, “Humhara Murkha Mantri Kaisa Ho? Arvind Kejriwal Jaisa Ho.”

Interestingly, no reporters were allowed to go inside the venue with their shoes on in Kejriwal’s press conference.