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After Gurugram, Telengana too considering to go the 'Telegram' way

13, Apr 2016 By kaveshmordani

K C Rao giving s deep thought for a new name
K C Rao giving s deep thought for a new name

Telangana. Taking cue from the state of Haryana and CM Manohar Lal Khattar’s move to rename the millennium city Gurgaon as ‘Gurugram’, the Telengana CM K C Rao too decided to getting into the act. Citing the move as inspirational, he said his government too was considering a potential name change.

For a state that just came into being in 2014, a name change didn’t seem warranted. However, speaking to the reporters, he said, “Unlike Gurgaon, this isn’t just a name change. This is a re-branding”. On being quizzed about the replacement name he announced, “Telegram!! “Yes, Telegram. That would be the new name this state would be known as.”  For a moment, some reporters thought that may be the CM was in some sort of a goofing-around mood. That, wasn’t the case.

Elaborating further on this decision he said, “It wasn’t so difficult coming up with this name. “And after all, if there can be ‘Cyberabad’, why not Tele-gram!”, he emphasized on this ingenious idea of his. Pointing to sluggish growth and investments into this new state, as reasons for this re-branding, he said that this name, which was also a legacy term might just change the fortunes of this state. On being asked by a reporter as to why no referendum could be conducted on this, for the public, he replied whimsically saying, “When you were born, did your parents conduct a referendum for the neighborhood to name you? Tell me?”