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After nomination, Arvind Kejriwal starts "Daal Pe Dharna" to counteract Modi

28, Apr 2014 By manithan

Varanasi: The scene was electrifying, to say the least. Brooms were held up high in the air and any common man crossing the spot would have mistaken it to be a congress of sweepers, had they not noticed the aam aadmi cap and the leader of them all, Arvind Kejriwal, in the middle of the crowd.

AAP Activists

Arvind Kejriwal, the leader of Aam Aadmi Party ,wannabe Prime Minister of India and wannabe Secretary General of United Nations, was returning after filing nominations for the Varanasi seat. After the usual chants and shouts, the mike found its place on the clean hands of Kejriwal.

He then said, “To the uncorrupt AAP members and the rest of nation, I hereby declare that I will be arranging ‘Daal pe Dharna’ to make the youngsters aware about how to do a dharna. APG, that is Aam Aadmi for Protestable Governance, will be helping us with scheduling and facilitating this ‘Daal pe Dharna’. This initiative is done by me to challenge ‘Chai pe Charcha’ of Modi and to prove that we can also work without the help of the paid media. “

After the claps ended and the Kejriwal’s convoy left, our reporter met and spoke with few AAP workers there. Ravindranath, an ardent Kejriwal fan and AAP worker based out of Varanasi, said, “We are very happy that our Shahenshah Kejriwalji has decided to contest from here. We are sure of making him Prime Minister this time. We will soon get a Jan Lokpal bill tabled in the Lok Sabha and we will soon eradicate communals from this country.”

Speaking of ‘Daal pe Dharna’, Meera Sonia, a IIT graduate touring along with AAP wagon across the country, “I am all excited. This is a fresh news from our superior. We will work like anything to make this happen. India is going to get hot daals at every street corners for the next few days.”

Our reporter then went to the makeshift office of APG established in Varanasi. Somnath Bharti was seen sitting in the CEO seat. When our reporter shook hands with him and said, “Somnathji! How are you here?”, for which he replied angrily, “Hello! I am not Somnath. I am Shatrughan Singha, CEO of APG , Aam Aadmi for Protestable Governance. I am responsible for ‘Daal pe Dharna’. We will be arranging this outside eateries, dhabas and canteens all across India. Instead of Kejriwal interacting with youth, it will be more like demo of how to dharna. We will take up any silly topic like ‘remove the hole from donut’, ‘make beer more chill’, ‘get girlfriend for Pappu’, etc and will show them how to sit for dharna, which venue to choose, how to shout, how to attract police to beat you, how to place media cameras, how to be on front page of next day newspaper, etc. It will be more like ‘Teach yourself Dharna in 2 hours’. While they are performing the Dharna, we will serve them daal. “

Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted about ‘Daal pe Dharna’ that ‘it is the next best thing to invention of wheel and light. Kudos to AAP and Kejriwal’. Vishal Daaldani has confirmed that he will be singing songs before and after this event in different locations each time . “Daal se laal kila..oh oh.. kejriwaal ne daal piya” was one of the singles sung by him which he had released online today, within hours of the news of this event reached him.