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After Tomar and Surendra Singh, Arvind Kejriwal's IIT degree also turns out to be fake

11, Jun 2015 By pareshanatma

In the most shocking fake degree case of all the fake degree cases that hit AAP recently, Arvind Kejriwal’s IIT degree turns out to be fake. This comes out to relief of many IITians who had been discriminated ever since Chetan Bhagat and Kejriwal broke into the national scene.

Arvind Kejriwal with copies of his degrees
Arvind Kejriwal with copies of his degrees

It had been suspected by many, that Kejriwal antics do not match to an IITian. His comparison with Rahul Gandhi seem to have taken over, and Arvind Kejriwal himself had to come out with the clarification in an interview with Barkha Dutt where he said that PM Modi should realise that he (Arvind Kejriwal) was not Rahul Gandhi. For those who don’t know, Rahul Gandi is also a Harvard Alumni, but likes of Subramanian Swamy claim that even that degree is fake.

Many IITians appear to be relieved with the news, since they had been facing severe discrimination ever since likes of Chetan Bhagat and Kejriwal made it big. A student from IIT Bombay, who did not wish to be named, claimed that he could not hang out with his friends who graduated from IIN anymore as he could not face them. But now now the equations seemed to have changed ever since the Kejriwal fake degree came into light. IIT students now can face and compete with IIN students with higher self confidence.

“Whenever we used to hear the song IIN, I’m from IIN, we felt like killing ourselves. But now, we can also sing it with a twist. IIT, I’m from IIT,” said another student from IIT Kanpur.

With Kejriwal’s fake IIT degree, many parents have reverted back to forcing their students to prepare for JEE exam, a trend which had dropped after 2014 Lok Sabha election, wherein, parents forced their kids to sell tea.

“Our faith in IIT has been restored. Already I have booked two tickets to Kota, and one return ticket, to roast my son to clear JEE and join IIT,” said a jubiliant father, whose son just took birth.

This trend might be on rise, and this could have serious implications on IIN.