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Akhilesh agrees to Modi's suggestion, to provide electricity only on all religious festivals

21, Feb 2017 By eelusiv

After Modiji criticized Akhilesh’s UP government for discriminating against some religious festivals in providing electricity, Akhilesh Yadav has readily agreed to Modi’s idea and promised to provide electricity on all religious festivals be it a Hindu festival, Muslim Festival, Sikh or Jain or Christian or even Zoroaster or Jew festival etc if they are voted back to power. He further elaborated that these festivals may amount to atmost 50 days/ year and as electricity is a scarce resource in UP, they were happy to provide it only on religious festivals and they wouldn’t be accused of communalism.

Akhilesh Yadav promising electricity and crematoriums
Akhilesh Yadav promising electricity and crematoriums

He added further, “When our state grows, we can start providing the electricity on National Holidays also, so we are not called Anti Nationals by people, but for now it is enough to get it on religious festivals. He also seemed to accept the Shamshan Plan of Modiji and promised that all the land (if its still not captured by SP workers) on which government hospitals are to be built, will be diverted to built crematorium for all religions so that the person can at least be cremated well if not treated well.This will also save the money required for infrastructure and doctors salary from the state budget. On asked whether its on the plan to provide law and order on religious festivals, he said that it was not high on the agenda then.

Local BJP leaders were ecstatic of the buildup and thanked Modiji for making this possible. According to them it is Modiji who is changing the course of campaign to bring the real development issues like electricity on festivals, crematoriums and abbatoirs on the front. Meanwhile Mayawati ji has also jumped in the debate by promising to built statue of leaders of each and  every religion and caste present anywhere in India, if she comes to power this time.

When we asked a common man about the development, he told our reporter that it anyways becomes a festival when we get a full 24 hr electricity in UP. Also he hopes that even after 70 years of independence, we are not sold the dreams of getting electricity on our festivals or theirs but will be getting 24 hour electricity on all days.