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Amethi contest hots up, Smriti Irani files complaint with EC for poll code violation by Rahul Gandhi

07, May 2014 By Shovon Chakraborty

The Gandhis are used to have it easy in Amethi. After all, the constituency has never disappointed anyone with a Gandhi surname during the election time. Add to that their friend from the Samjwadi Party, who has always forgotten to put up candidates against the Gandhis, be it Mamma or Beta, thereby smoothing their journey to the Lok Sabha . However, 2014 is a different ball game altogether.

That the contest is to close to call can be understood from the objections raised by the captain who can’t play. Rahul Gandhi has also complained to the Election Commission about a lotus symbol drawn on a blackboard in a school, which is being used as a polling booth. When contacted by Faking News, his sister Priyanka Vadra said, “This is a new low in the already neech rajneeti being practised by BJP. They even used child labor in election campaign. I have come to know that a 6 years old was lured with a toffee for drawing the lotus symbol inside the booth.”

Union Minister and eminent lawyer Kapil Sibal added that such dangerous persons should never be allowed to become the Prime Minister of India. He further commented that he was busy shuffling through the relevant laws on child labour, so that a commission of inquiry can be constituted on Mr. Modi before 16th May.

Meanwhile, the BJP candidate from Amethi, Smriti Irani has also raised objection against Rahul Gandhi for prominently displaying the panja, which is the election symbol of Congress, inside the polling booths across the constituency. It has been learnt that Ms. Irani has already lodged a formal complaint with the Election Commission against Mr. Gandhi.

When we contacted Ms. Irani, she said, “It is highly objectionable that Rahul Gandhi has been going around the constituency and entering the polling booths while his hands are clearly visible to the voters. It is a blatant violation of poll code as he has been displaying his party’s symbol inside the restricted zone. We have asked the EC to immediately file an FIR against him. The law cannot be different for Modis and Gandhis. It has to be same!”

Further prodded by the FN staff on how Rahul was supposed to visit the booths without showing his hands, Ms. Irani retorted, “Haven’t you seen Sholay? Haven’t you seen how Thakur’s hands were invisible in the whole movie? I think the media people are too lenient on the Gandhi family.” She set off from the place without giving us any opportunity to ask further questions.