Amit Shah dares Mahagathbandhan, says if PCM of coalition is good then appear for IIT-JEE

25, Jan 2019 By Gaurav Mittal

Recently Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati announced pre-poll alliance of BSP and SP for the upcoming general elections, 2019. They both held a press conference in which they claimed that Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) of the coalition is just too good and this will help them to win enough seats to stay relevant sweep UP.

Now Amit Shah has challenged the coalition. While addressing a public rally in West Bengal BJP president said, ” Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of a student is only considered good if he is able to crack IIT-JEE. If Akhilesh and Mayawati think that their PCM is good then they should prove it by qualifying in IIT-JEE. By simply saying our coalition is good, I will not take you seriously. Don’t waste my time”.amit-shah-l

Amit Shah’s statement made both BSP and SP furious. Their supporters came on roads throughout UP and created traffic jams.

Babloo, a staunch supporter of Mayawati from Kanpur and who himself is making a third and last attempt in IIT-JEE said, “I can confidently say that PCM of coalition is good for IIT-JEE standard and both Akhilesh and Mayawati will qualify for IIT-JEE but Mayawati will get a better rank than Akhilesh. If required I can give my notes and books to them for preparation”.

Though Akhilesh & Mayawati did not considered Rahul Gandhi good enough for an alliance but still Rahul suggested both Akhikesh and Mayawati to go to Kota, Rajasthan and take some coaching classes. This suggestion itself is likely to impact the coaching industry of Kota negatively.  Rahul further added that if Congress was part of this coalition then general awareness of the coalition would have been good too.

While it is not clear whether Akhilesh and Mayawati will appear for IIT-JEE or not, posters of both getting All India Rank 1 in IIT-JEE could be seen in Lucknow.