Tuesday, 19th November, 2019

Amit Shah no longer nervous

06, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

I can feel like applauding the BJP chief Amit Shah on his political dexterity when he says the voters of Karnataka will not make a mistake on account of his slip-tongue.

What he stated earlier was a slip of his tongue but its repercussions were set to provide a golden chance to the Congress Party leaders.

He appeared to have inadvertently said that Yeddyurappa government was corrupt instead of the present Siddaramiah’s which remains on the BJP target.

This has become an unpleasant soreness for the BJP chief but he has not been nervous. He comes forward with his varied explanations for his unintentional ‘mistake’.

It is practically correct that he was trying his level best to correct his gaffe. His intention was simple. It was not that rigid. Seriously a politician seldom completes an entire day without uttering a single word and if has spoken something wrong it was he who can put right.

Undeniably, Yeddyurappa is a Bhartiya Janata Party leader and former chief minister of Karnataka. He is also the Chief Minister’s face in the ensuing Karnataka state assembly election. Shah’s blooper provided the Congress party sufficient opportunity to go in the direction of ridiculing at the BJP chief.

The Congress pointed out that he was speaking the truth after his blunder. How could it be buried so easily in the political arena? Even the BJP president agreed that Yeddyurappa led the most corrupt government ever.

His correction is coming like an expert politician. The more he feels bitter about the Congress party, the more rationalization comes from him with all his spirited approach. It depends on his leadership ability how far he becomes successful in connecting the well-informed voter out-and-out friendly with the party. The BJP sees its electoral victory in order to dismantle the Congress party’s rule.