Friday, 15th November, 2019

Amit shah suggest GDP slowdown because shri ram is unhappy

08, Sep 2017 By Deepraj Jha

Amit shah is going to be the next chief economic advisor to the government and has suggested Indian statistical institute to revise there models to derive GVA and GDP growth. He has recommended the institute to use lessons from Ram charitra Manas and Garuda purana to perfect there models.

He further adds Modi ji has informed him that his suit designer has told him that nothing can go wrong with GDP under Modi. After rebuking chief statistician on the flawed GDP figures he along with yogi Adityanath and baba Ramdev are going to inaugurate shri ram mandir arthashastra committee at the banks of Ganga near Haridwar and is fully confident of India beating China in sustainable GDP growth for years to come.

Amit shah

Further he says demonetisation has only helped in improving GDP because it helped seize all the money from Mayawati and Mulayam during the up elections. Amit ji is adamant on the fact that India is on the path of becoming Hindu rashtra punah so how can anything go wrong. Meanwhile listening all this yogi ji got aggressive and said that he is going Ayodhya to completely wash the remains of Babri and blamed that such sins in the sacred janmbhoomi of shri ram is the reason why children are dying in hospitals. Ayodhya me mandir Nirman Karo and Phir dekho Kaise hospitals me oxygen cylinder ki kabhi Zarurat hi nani padegi, listening to this baba Ramdev hugged him and started crying.

Amit ji was highly impressed by yogis strategy to heal the situation in UP and offered him to take an additional charge of principal economic adviser to finance ministry. He is very confident that yogi can easily fudge a 10%+ growth figures.

Inshallah ab Hindustan me koi Samasya Rahegi hi nahi. Jai Modi Jai Bharat. Mandir Wahid banayenge